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Shavin Peiries Jun 22, 2021 1 min read

I remember wanting someone to create Idea Bakery for me by sharing it in a public pitch.

I come from a front-end development background, and the backend was always scary for me to touch.

  • Should I use Ruby on Rails or go with Javascript?
  • How do entity relationships work?
  • What if I had to change the database after posting it to production?

These are a few of hundreds of questions that kept me up at night.

It wasn't until we started shifting from a service business to a product business when I had to get serious about understanding backend development.

I didn't think I'd enjoy it, but then I tried it out.

The insight?

It turns out the way you solve issues on the frontend is the same way you do it on the backend.

Which is to Google your problem and focus on solving one problem at a time.

The good thing about coding is that you can only put out one fire at any given moment. So this focuses you on doing what's right in front of you and taking small steps that will eventually get you where you need to be.

And it's not just applicable to coding: Starting a business, writing your first non-fiction book or losing 50 lbs begins with being honest about what you want. And then building up momentum by taking a few steps at a time.

The starting part matters, though. Eventually, your questions will be answered, you'll defeat uncertainty with action and make better choices towards your progress.

So, if you're waiting for a signal to start, here it is!

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