is a non-profit organisation building open source technology for journalism. It's what this website is using to host the words you're reading.

While using this product is a pleasure, I continuously encountered a problem with the publishing workflow once I was done writing a post. As a result, I devised a solution.

Instead of letting it sit in my Figma drafts, I thought I'd share the process of shaping the feature and making a pitch that covers the problem, design and the risks of building it. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration in the process!

Obligatory disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Ghost in any way; this was merely intended to spark some new ideas and give them an idea of my capabilities.

The irony is that I'm about to face the problem I've pitched just as I'm about to publish this post.

As much as it may appear to be an annoyance, we grow to rely on the products we use daily to function with minimal effort. I've grown to rely on my blogging platform to complete the entire task of writing and publishing, which Ghost does exceptionally well for the most part except for this one.

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Feature Pitch to improve the publishing workflow of the Ghost Editor