Here's what I am working on right now

I'm helping marketers clarify their clients messaging so that they can run high performing campaigns

The majority of businesses are terrible at clarifying their messaging. This can be seen whenever a landing page uses the phrase "all-in-one" or other soggy language to describe what they can help with.

The difference between those businesses and the one's that convert their online prospects into paying customers is that the marketer has a thorough understanding of their customers.

I'm working on something that will make those insights more accessible to growth marketers and small businesses. This is a scratch my own itch sort of problem.

I'm helping startups with their positioning and messaging

I work as an independent contractor, assisting startups customers with communication clarification through customer interviews.

The goal is to clarify their unique position in the market, develop messaging that explains their differentiated value, and ultimately convert low-converting campaigns into high-converting ones.

I utilise jobs theory as an anchor to guide customers to make the progress that they're seeking.

Updated 26th May 2022 from Colombo, Sri Lanka

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