Here's what I am working on right now

I'm helping build a B2B SaaS product for child enrichment businesses in Singapore from the ground up

ClassBubs is a platform that helps parents of children in Singapore to connect with extracurricular enrichment businesses.

These businesses struggle to find qualified leads that allow them to grow and sustain their business. I'm utilising my knowledge of JTBD theory, UI/UX design and frontend engineering to help build it and scale it.

I'm helping aspiring designers to transition into UI/UX Design

Whilst working on ClassBubs I noticed that a lot of self taught freelance designers struggle with the fundamentals of UI/UX design.

From working with them I felt as if this is an artifact of consuming condensed, cookie cutter material from Youtube or Instagram.

I know because I used to be that person until I had to run a design agency that was focused on delivering validated digital products with good UI/UX. I learnt how to build them and learnt alot about why people buy.

I intend to use the knowledge and experience from years of suffering to inform other designers and pull them into a better path.

That's what I am about right now.

Updated 1st Oct 2022 from Colombo, Sri Lanka

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