Increasing customer acquisitions through Hunter's blog lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.

I noticed that the founders of mentioned that they wanted to add search functionality to their Ghost blog when I applied.

This document proposed some experiments to add search to the blog and structure it in such a way that it increases the likelihood of receiving a prospect's email, resulting in increased customer acquisition for the core product.

Obligatory disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Hunter in any way; this was merely intended to spark some new ideas and give them an idea of my capabilities.

Clarify the blog's value proposition and reduce time to reading valuable content.

Defining the problem

Instead of making an upfront request for a prospect's email, the current Hunter blog above the fold section could be improved to deliver value.

The email request could be made after they've gained some value from reading a piece of content that interests them.

As a result, the goal of the above-the-fold section in the landing page is to shorten the time it takes for customers to access valuable content.

Proposing a solution

The landing page could be improved to include a captivating title that makes a bold claim and clarifies what they’ll receive out of the blog: "The place to learn how to get in front of your dream customers"

In addition to allowing you to search, the placeholder will also show you which topics the blog covers (making it easier to search).

They can also be directed to the categorised content (Product, Growth, Outreach & Company) that is organized beneath the search bar, which further aligns with the goal of reducing their time to reading valuable content.

The above-the-fold section of a website landing page is, without a doubt, the most important place for first-time visitors to get excited about what they might get interacting with Hunter as a brand & product.

Increasing the likelihood of receiving a customer's email address, resulting in more customers for the core product from future marketing efforts.

A compelling call to action to request their email address could mean the difference between them simply reading the content and leaving the blog versus a prospect providing their email address so that we can send them valuable content and eventually convert them into a Hunter customer. A win-win scenario.

Implementing a dedicated search page for showing results and optimising search to be utilised from the Chrome browser

When a prospect searches for a post from the homepage or the top navigation, it'll land here with the available results.

An interesting way to search from Google Chrome

I’ve observed that Google Chrome indexes a website's search page if it ends with /?s= or /search?q=

If Hunter’s blog was moved to, then a prospect could do a tabbed search from the Google chrome search bar to search the Hunter blog.

Side-note: this could also be implemented on the main product for prospects to quickly search a professional email from the chrome search bar itself if the search address was changed to from

How do these changes affect other areas of the Hunter blog?

If the proposed changes are implemented, the following areas will be impacted and will require changes.

Home Page Top Navigation

The top navigation can exclude links to remove redundancies and information overload because the proposed home page already has the tagged categories under the search bar.

Pages include:


Tagged Page Top Navigation

For tagged pages like Product, Company, Outreach and Growth the top navigation can remain the same as the current version with the addition of an expandable search box.

Pages include:

  • (Search results page)

A search input field will also have to be included in the footer.

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